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Why Open A Brokerage

1. Higher Income with Multiple Revenue Streams

2. Legacy Support Team

3. Powerful Lead Engine

4. Return on Investment (ROI)

5. Flexible Lifestyle

  • We're Different

    The reality is most business brokerage firms provide a name to hang your hat on - but seemingly not much else.

    In contrast, we provide you actual tools to start and scale your independent brokerage.

  • Invaluable Components We Provide

    • Focused Launch Training:

    (3 Day Training Conference Held in Pheonix, AZ)

    • Powerful Lead Engine:

    (Guaranteed Pre-Vetted Leads Per Month)

    • Active Deal Support

    (Guaranteed 24 hour response time from our team)

  • PBI License Program

    Every new licensee with Legacy receives extensive in-person training from experienced industry professionals, in addition to ongoing training and support.

    Our licensing program is among the best possible options for establishing a career in the business intermediary industry. We currently have certified business intermediaries in over 15 states throughout the US and are actively expanding every day.

  • ROI

    Brokers who invest in the Legacy License program each enjoy something very unique:

    The realistic possibility of a 12-24 month ROI - something few business opportunities can replicate.

Training & Support

Thnking about opening your own brokerage with Legacy? Be ceratin that you'll recieve all the training and ongoing support you will need along the way.

With Legacy Business Brokers, you will not only come to our initial 3 day training conference in Pheonix, AZ, but you will recieve a fully built website, pre-vetted leads weekly, and a team dedicated to answer any questions you may have.

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