Why Choose Legacy

Why Choose Legacy Brokers

Professional Business Intermediary License Program

This is an opportunity to own and operate your own business brokerage, via the exclusive Legacy
Business Brokers PBI License. We provide you complete lead generation, plus the help and support
needed to successfully operate your brokerage. We have over 20 years of collective experience
helping train and support brokers, and our success speaks for itself.

How We’re Different

Most business brokerage firms provide you a name to hang your hat on – but that is about it.

In contrast, our PBI license program is designed to provide you and your sales team three invaluable

1)  We provide a comprehensive, onsite (and fully paid for) pre-launch training program which
will teach you the things you need to know to successfully intermediate business sales.

2)  We are your built-in Business Development team – providing you enough high-quality leads to
keep you and your sales team busy with new prospects. With multiple lead options available, we
can scale your lead flow up or down – and provide you varying types of leads – depending on
what works best for you.

3)  We are your ongoing Support Team, helping ensure your success far past Launch Day. This
means our team is always available to assist with your deal questions and the necessary
resources to keep your deals moving through the pipeline

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